Zwangerschapstest en ovulatietest

How pregnancy and ovulation tests work

In order to become pregnant, you obviously need to have sex during your fertile period. But how can you tell if you are fertile? And how do you know if you are pregnant? We list the available tests and explain how they work and what they cost.

Ovulation test

What is an ovulation test?

An ovulation test can help you to determine your most fertile period. You can obtain an ovulation test without prescription from your pharmacist and possibly even your local supermarket. You are most fertile on the day of ovulation and the day after. In theory, you can use your menstrual cycle to calculate when this is. However, you must have an extremely regular cycle in order to do so. An ovulation test is much more accurate.

How does it work?

The test measures the amount of luteinising hormone (LH) in your urine. Your body produces large quantities of this hormone approximately two days prior to ovulation. The test indicates the moment that your LH levels peak, which is when you are most fertile.

How much does it cost?

The price varies per brand and depends on the number of tests included in the pack. On average, you pay 2 euros per test.

Is it reliable?

Ovulation tests are extremely reliable if done correctly. It’s the best way to determine with any great certainty whether you are fertile. If the test indicates an LH peak, then you can be 99% certain that you are in your fertile period.

Folic acid for your baby’s development

Folic acid is vitamin B11. It’s extremely important for the development of your baby, particularly in the early weeks. You can obtain folic acid from leafy vegetables, legumes and certain fruits. A deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy leads to an increased risk of spina bifida, cleft lip and cleft palate. Doctors therefore recommend taking folic acid supplements during pregnancy. You can obtain these in tablet form without prescription from your pharmacy. It’s advisable to take a dose of 400 micrograms per day. The prices of folic acid tablets vary from approximately 2.5 euros to 10 euros, depending on the brand. You can also opt for a multivitamin preparation. This is more expensive, but contains additional vitamin supplements.

Pregnancy test

What is a pregnancy test?

If you suspect that you are pregnant, you can perform a pregnancy test prior to visiting your doctor. You can purchase this test without prescription from your pharmacist and possibly even your local supermarket.

How does it work?

When you are pregnant, your body produces the pregnancy hormone HCG. The test measures the HCG value in your urine. You must therefore perform it while urinating.

How much does it cost?

There are numerous brands and the price varies per brand. They typically cost between 10 and 20 euros.

Is it reliable?

The test is 99% reliable if you perform it according to the instructions.

Please note: The test only works once the embryo has settled in your uterus, approximately two weeks after conception and around the day that your period would normally start. If you wait an extra few days, the test will be more reliable.

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