Foster care allowance in Flanders

Children who are placed with a foster family are entitled to a monthly supplement to the basic Growth Package amount. For children placed from 2019 onwards in Flanders,  this supplementary allowance amounts to 66,89 euros per child. This applies with the exception of supportive foster care.  

You needn’t actively apply for this allowance: we ensure that you automatically receive the amount that you’re entitled to.


Who receives the foster care allowance?

The amount is paid out in full to 

  • the foster parent, in the case of long-term foster care. 

  • the placement beneficiary, in the case of short-term foster care. 

The placement beneficiary will continue to receive the foster care bonus if this was awarded prior to 1 January 2019, and providing there has been no change to the placement. 

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Foster care terminology 

Long-term foster care

This type of foster care places a child with a family for longer periods of time, in the event that it’s no longer possible for them to remain at home. A foster family placement of more than one year is considered long-term foster care. If possible, the child maintains contact with their parents.

Short-term foster care

This type of foster care is intended to swiftly provide the child with a clear and sustainable solution: a return to the parental home, long-term placement with a foster family, or placement in another facility ... Short-term foster care typically lasts several months.

Supportive foster care

This type of foster care gives children who have been placed in a facility full-time the opportunity of spending a weekend or holiday somewhere else. It can also provide a solution in the event that a vulnerable parent (with no social network of their own) is temporarily unable to take care of their child.  

Emergency foster care

Children or adults who require urgent and prompt foster placement due to a crisis situation can be placed with an emergency foster family. The child (or adult in the case of adult foster care) can usually return home following a short stay. If this isn’t possible, then a long-term solution will be sought. 

The difference between child and adult foster care

Child foster care concerns minors (0 to 18 years) in problematic home environments, with behavioural or emotional issues, or with a disability or psychiatric condition. Adult foster care concerns adults with a disability or psychiatric condition.  

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You can find more information about foster care at Pleegzorg Vlaanderen.

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