Tip: Save on childcare

You know the day will come when you have to leave your son or daughter at a childcare facility for the first time. You can say your tearful goodbye, safe in the knowledge that they are in good hands. Childcare usually also comes with a hefty price tag. But did you know that you can claim back a portion of your registration fee? 

Growth Package

The Growth Package  

You may be entitled to childcare allowance within the Growth Package (the new child benefit allowance from 01/01/2019). This only applies to children attending a Flemish childcare facility or a Dutch-speaking childcare facility in Brussels. If you do not live in Flanders, you can apply for this via KidsLife. If you live in Flanders, you receive it automatically.   

The amount you pay does not depend on your income.   

You can view all applicable conditions on our childcare allowance page

Tax benefit  

If your child attends a recognised childcare facility in Belgium, you are entitled to tax relief on your childcare payments. You get as much as 45% back from those expenses. You can submit a maximum claim of 14 euros per day. 

Tips for low-cost childcare  

Start your search for a nearby childcare facility as early as possible. That way, you not only save on the price of the childcare facility, but also on travel costs and time. You can do this quickly and easily using the handy locator tool from our partner, Kind & Gezin!   

  • Ask your employer or social insurance fund for advice. Working part-time can sometimes be more beneficial than paying for childcare.

  • Ask KidsLife to check whether you are eligible for the Childcare Allowance.  

  • And, don’t forget that grandparents can be a cheaper alternative to childcare. If grandparents aren't an option, you can always see if your friends, neighbours or other parents are interested. 

  • Remember to specify your childcare expenses under code 1384 when completing your tax return.