Happiness begins with your Child Benefit

Happiness begins with your Child Benefit and Growth Package, also known as child allowance.  

All children in Flanders are entitled to the Growth Package. Those who live in Brussels or Wallonia are entitled to Child Benefit. The child benefit and supplementary allowance amounts that you are entitled to therefore depend entirely on where you live. 

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Kinderbijslag wordt Groeipakket in Vlaanderen

Child Benefit now called the Growth Package in Flanders 

Child Benefit Starting Amount and Basic Amount 

The Growth Package is the new name for Child Benefit in Flanders. The Growth Package (formerly known as child benefit or child allowance) contains two fixed amounts. These automatically apply to every child residing in Flanders: 

Starting amount for every birth or adoption 

1190,68 Euro * 

Basic amount per month**

171,49 euros **

* children born before 01/09/2021 receive 1167,33 Euro Starting amount

** children born prior to 2019 will, in most circumstances, continue to receive the same amount as before.

Supplementary Child Benefit in Flanders 

There are also a number of supplementary allowances in addition to the fixed amounts. Such as the Social Allowance for low-income families for example. And the Care Allowances which provide additional support to those families who need it. The Growth Package also includes an orphan's allowance, foster care allowance and an allowance for children with specific support needs. 

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Participation allowances in Flanders 

The various Participation Allowances are a supplement to the monthly Child Benefit amount. You are entitled to these if your child attends a Dutch-language school or childcare facility. 
If you live in Flanders, you needn’t apply for these allowances directly; KidsLife automatically ensures that every family receives the amount to which they are entitled. The Participation Allowances are: 

Childcare Allowance: those using Dutch-language childcare in Flanders or Brussels are entitled to a childcare allowance of 3,43 euros per child, per day of childcare.  

Toddler Allowance: 3-year-old children who are enrolled in Dutch-language education, and 4-year-old children who remain enrolled and attend school frequently enough, receive an additional 137,96 euros per year. 

The School Allowance: you automatically receive the former school allowance from the 2019-2020 school year onwards, providing your child and family satisfy the criteria.

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Kinderbijslag in Brussel

Child Benefit in Brussels 

Child Benefit in Brussels is undergoing major reform in 2020. KidsLife will remain your Child Benefit payment provider in 2020 and beyond, and together we will continue to seek happiness for every child. Those Brussels families who would receive less Child Benefit under the new system will continue to receive Child Benefit under the pre-2020 scheme!

Child Benefit in Brussels comprises 3 fixed amounts:

Maternity Allowance or Birth Premium: a one-off premium for every birth or adoption. 

Child benefit basic amounts: paid monthly based on age and family circumstances

School bonus: annual supplementary allowance paid in August based on the child’s age;

We additionally provide supplementary child benefit for families with children who require additional support. Such as the orphan's allowance and the disability allowance for example.  
Low-income families may also be entitled to supplementary child benefit in the form of an income-related allowance.

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Kinderbijslag in Wallonië

Child benefit in Wallonia

Maternity allowance, for every birth or adoption 

1238,82 Euro

Basic monthly amount* 


0 – 17 years 

174,56 euros 

18 – 24 years 

185,82 euros 

The new Child Benefit scheme applies to everyone living in Wallonia from 2020 onwards.  

Child Benefit in Wallonia comprises 3 fixed amounts: 

Maternity allowance: a single premium of 1238,82 Euro per every birth or adoption 

Child benefit basic amounts: paid monthly based on age and family circumstances 

School bonus: annual supplementary allowance paid in August based on the child’s age;

Some families are also entitled to supplementary Child Benefit. For example, in Wallonia, children with a disability are entitled to a supplementary allowance. Low-income families, single-parent families or large families in Wallonia may also be entitled to a Social Allowance.  

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