My income has decreased: what am I entitled to?

Working part-time, unemployed or currently on sick leave? These all have an impact on your family budget. Fortunately, in some situations, a number of other financial benefits can offset your loss. KidsLife ensures that you don’t miss out on any benefits.

Check your municipality’s website

Many towns and cities provide additional support measures for low-income families. In some municipalities, for example, you're entitled to one free roll of refuse sacks per year, children’s education vouchers or a reduction in city taxes.

Check your municipality’s website for the latest updates regarding these benefits.

The KidsLife Child Benefit Fund ensures that your family never misses out on any benefits. You always receive the maximum amount of Child Benefit and Growth Package that you’re entitled to and we proactively investigate any additional benefits.

And, you’ll also receive handy tips tailored to your precise family circumstances.

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